Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Successful Debut for "My Brother's Keeper"

I see from my tracking numbers that I've had quite a few visitors to this blog. First, thank you and, second, keep checking back. I do plan on keeping this blog active. It was dormant for a couple of weeks while I have endured an insanely busy stretch. We have been short staffed at my day job, requiring extra effort from us and I have been blessed enough to pick up some extra moonlight assignments. I'm happy for it, but it does leave me out of contact with the rest of the world.

But I'm back, so let me tell you a bit more about debuting the book at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.

The convention was a success. I sold a moderate, but satisfying, amount of copies.

The best thing about doing the convention was the chance to spend time with fellow writers and meet indie publishers. Bobby Nash, Sean Taylor, James Palmer and Tommy Hancock are all writers I respect and hope to get to know better in the years ahead. I also met Jonathan French and look forward to reading his Exiled Heir series.

This picture has Bobby Nash posing with Van and myself. Bobby is a much more accomplished and prolific writer than I'll ever be. In fact, I believe he writes full time. The support and acceptance he's shown this little newbie writer is much appreciated.

The indie press world, particularly those working together under the New Pulp banner, seem to be a tight-knit and very positive community. It's inspiring to spend time around so many creative people. I plan on interviewing them on this blog, to get word out about their projects and hopefully gain some insight to their process.

I haven't seen the first reports from Amazon yet, but I know I've sold quite a few copies. I've sold others directly outside of APF. To each of you, again, I most humbly thank you.  I truly hope you enjoy it.

I encourage (plead for) feedback and dialogue. I hope to find readers eager to discuss the story and the characters with me. If you like the book, please let me know. And, if you really want to help, leave a positive review on Amazon... and if you don't like the book, then it is time for quiet contemplation.

Readers of "My Brother's Keeper" can email me at galengriffon at gmail dot com. I don't want to type the actual address as that will create spam. But I'm easily reached.

Thanks for reading!

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