Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sci-Fi Fantasy Fest appearance

This weekend, I will be a guest at the 2nd Annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fest at the Hoover, Alabama public library.

I don't do as many of these types of shows as I'd like. Maybe once the second novel in the series is out, I can focus on marketing and creating a strong table presence.

But I hope some of you that meet me this weekend in Hoover will check me out here. I plan on making this blog the main conduit between myself, my readers and those that wish to support me.

So to any new folks that may read this: welcome. I hope you enjoy the first book in the series My Brother's Keeper. 

Here's a look at the postcard flyer I will be giving out this weekend:

Galahad's Doom Part II Update

I know it's been inexcusably too long since I last updated this blog, but I do plan on being better going forward.  I promise to post something at least once a week, if you promise to keep coming back and checking it out. Okay?


So what's going on with my series? I can tell you that I spent 2015 and the first half of 2016 really focused on writing the second volume. Galahad's Doom Part II: Marching As To War has made it past the first draft stage. I can announce that it is in the hands of my editor and we will get it out as soon as we can.  Realistically, that's probably Spring 2017.

I'm really excited with how it came out and can't wait for everyone who read My Brother's Keeper  to check it out. I can tell you it is loaded down with action and hopefully there's a few surprises along the way.

And while my editor rips apart my manuscript, I've also been turning my thoughts for the first time towards the concluding third volume. I have several pages in a composition notebook already filled and I'm already excited by some new ideas I've had.

So if you haven't read the first book yet, go ahead and do that. Then stay tuned to this blog for not only all important details and announcements going forward but also for thoughts about the story and characters that I will share in future posts.

Here is a look at my first preliminary sketch for my cover idea for Part II:

And here is a rough mock-up I put together in Photoshop based on that sketch. Please understand, this is NOT (notnotNOT) the actual cover. I grabbed pre-existing artwork off the internet, using general character archetypes.  It's just to help with design ideas.

The two folks on the left and right are standing in for Queen Azzrea and Lord Maphael, characters that readers of Brother's Keeper should know. The tough warrior guy in the middle? Yeah, you'll have to read Marching As To War to figure that one out.  Again, I will commission original artwork that depicts my characters accurately. This is just a rough design sketch.